Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dallas HCG Drops

Where Can I Buy HCG Drops in Dallas Texas?

There are many places in Dallas to get the hCG drops. You can find brands at Walmart, GNC, local health food stores and online. The first question you should ask is; what is most important to me?...
  1. Quality of the hCG
  2. Price of the hCG
  3. Support for the diet
  4. Delivery or in store pickup
  5. Buying the best liquid hcg
Most local physicians that provide hcg will offer the protocol via the injections. Dallas has serveral medical spas that will provide the shots or drops and will charge a premium for their service of monitoring your success with the diet. Support is great to keep you on track with the diet along with having a focus group that share your same goals.

The price of hcg can range from less that thirty dollars to thousands. This varies from the doctor's services and support, quality of hcg, or shopping online for affordable hcg drops. Many users of hcg felt that a low cost for premuim hcg drops is the best fit. Some have found providers online that offers 24/7 phone supports and have joined online support groups for free. Many have share successes on forums like facebook, youtube, google plus and more.

If you choose to order hcg online shipping is usually 2-3 days. Many provide instructions, recipes, charts and unlimited supports. Be sure to order from a seller that provides hcg made in FDA inspected and GMP approve facilities.

HCG Weight Management of Dallas Tx offers HCG Drops with FREE , FAST, SHIPPING throughout the United States. You can expect the best liquid hcg with full phone support, instructions, recipes and charts for measuring your results. You can find the best value for your weight loss needs here:


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  2. I'd prefer the use of the HCG injection therapy as opposed to the drops... but if you use the drops make sure they are not homeopathic. I think HCG injections in Dallas are still available at Fast Weight Loss Centers.

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